Advantages of A Dual Battery System

Opting to install a dual battery system in your vehicle ensures an uninterrupted sustainable power voltage supply for a long time. Repeat charging is another recharge option provided by the dual battery system.

As the name implies, a dual battery system uses double or two batteries for operation. Operations requiring a power supply and untampered flow for a long time will benefit from the installation of a dual battery system.

The fragility of the products being processed today means that the power supply is the thing that most equipment can’t do without. For instance, a breakage of the power supply for a refrigerator automatically causes loss and damage to food items.

In the case of a 4WD, installing a dual battery system ensures instant startup without the risk of losing power. Adding a second battery to the main starter battery of the vehicle is what the dual battery system is all about.

Acting as a power source to power the accessories and auxiliary equipment of the vehicle is the main function of the secondary battery. Having two isolated systems for your vehicle is smart for camping and off-road enthusiasts.

Some of the need-to-know things about the dual battery system include:

Battery Types

  • A second battery is a must-have when you want to enjoy the comfort of a car fridge, 12-volt lighting, and charging of your electronics. A dead battery is avoided when the vehicle is installed with a dual battery system.
  • A dual battery system is the safest and quickest way to recharge the vehicle’s batteries without having to drain the starter battery.
  • A typical dual battery system provides two batteries: a secondary battery and the primary battery of your vehicle. A battery isolator is the cable wiring connecting the two batteries.
  • The system works by using the alternator to charge the primary battery. The charging provided by the alternator flows through the battery isolator and cabling to the secondary battery.
  • Opting for a deep cycle battery as the secondary battery is recommended. The design of the deep cycle battery allows regular charge and discharge to make the sustained power last for a long time.
  • The design of the primary battery does not allow it to be charged and discharged at will. A shorter battery life span happens when the primary battery is subjected to regular charge and discharge cycles.
  • A DC charger is recommended for the second battery than a battery isolator. Power from the primary battery drawn by the DC charger not only enhances the voltage- it also manages the power flowing to the secondary battery.


The Advantages Provided by the DC Chargers


The DC chargers have become quite popular with camping enthusiasts as no voltage loss happens with the constant power provided to the secondary battery.  The maximum life expectancy and run time provided by the DC chargers make them a better option than a standard battery isolator.

A standard battery isolator can only provide between 60 – 70% power to the auxiliary battery. DC chargers, on the other hand, can power a secondary battery to a full 100%.

A fully-charged secondary battery is key to a longer life span while providing maximum running time charges to your appliances.

Some of the benefits of DC chargers include:

  • Increased power for your winch
  • Capable of providing power to lights, radio, inverters, and a fridge when you turn off the ignition.

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